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“No shortage of Tamiflu” – DG Health Services

MedicineDirector General of Health Services Dr. Jayasundara Bandara assured that there is shortage of ‘Tamiflu’ medicine given for influenza patients.

On Monday (17th April) the GMOA issuing a press release and at a press conference had stated that there was a shortage of Tamiflu medicine given for Dengue, viral flu and influenza patients and therefore requested to deliver this medicine to the hospitals without keeping them at the stores.

Director General Bandara stated that this medicine is only used for influenza patients and not for Dengue or viral flu patients.

This medicine is given to patients, who are critical under the recommendation of a specialist. It is delivered under the direct supervision of the Epidemiology Unit and is reimbursed in accordance with the amount, which is used at hospitals.

Dr. Bandara saying that they have issued sufficient stocks of this medicine to hospitals at their request denied the baseless allegations by the GMOA regarding a shortage of Tamiflu.

He further added that the Minister of Health, Nutrition, and Indigenous Medicine has ordered to  supply medicines without any shortage to the hospitals  and accordingly, necessary steps have been taken to supply them without any shortage.

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