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Guidance given by spiritual leaders important in finding solutions for global issues – President

He nes 2017 04 28President Maithripala Sirisena says the guidance given by the spiritual leaders are very important in finding solutions for the current issues in world.

The President made these remarks at the inauguration ceremony of the international seminar, organized by Sri Lanka Islamic Center. The opening session of the seminar was held yesterday (April 27) at the Temple Trees.

Representatives from the Middle East and Asian countries are participating in this seminar being held for two days under the theme of ‘Islamic Reality and Timely Challenges’.

The Sri Lanka Islamic Center organized this seminar with the objective of giving the message about the imperative need for working with the world community in coordination with every country with cordiality and respect for all religions and human rights of everybody.

Speaking on this occasion, the President said the building of the peaceful nation we all expected to build would not be difficult if all of us are determined to live as Sri Lankans in one Sri Lankan nation.

He pointed out that the much discussed reconciliation can be brought to a reality through respecting not only your privileges and rights but also the privileges and rights of others. “We should be committed to build a country where the brotherhood and reconciliation are strengthened by establishing a permanent peace”, he said.

“The result of the fight for power and wealth between humans will only end up destroying a human by another human”, he added.

“To prevent the wars in the world we should discuss not with those who are engaged in the war but also with the people who produce weapons to be used in wars. If every country can take action to stop producing weapons it will be the most important step towards the peace in the world”, the President further stated.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Minister M. H. Abdul Haleem, state Minister A. H. M. Fawzie and the President of Sri Lanka Islami Center Hussain Mohammed were among those participated in this international seminar.

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