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Navy assists to remove debris clogged in Wakwella Bridge

Navy assists to remove debris clogged in Wakwella Bridg 2017 5 29Troops of Sri Lanka Navy are currently removing debris blocked in Wakwella Bridge at Baddegama, Galle District, states navy media.

Wakwella Bridge, which joins Poddala and Thelikada was blocked with the washed away debris and was causing increment in flood situation in Baddegama area due to the rising water level of Gin Ganga yesterday (27th May).

Accordingly, Navy dispatched a team of 73 naval personnel belonging to the Special Boat Squadron and Marine Battalion to the location to remove clogged debris.

After noticing several leakages of water from the embankment erected in Baddegama Town, 300 naval personnel were also dispatched to rectify the damages and to guide public to safe locations today morning (28th May).

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