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All religious leaders should come to a single stage to solve religious conflicts – President

HE picPresident Maithripala Sirisena pointed out the need of a common program to properly operate the laws to prevent religious conflicts in the country and to explain the facts to those parties who create disharmony.

He said all religious leaders should come to a single stage for this purpose. He emphasized that there should not be any room for national and religious conflicts which spread disunity in the country.

The President made these remarks at a meeting with Inter Religious Council held today (May 31) at the Presidential Secretariat.

He also pointed out the importance of actively operating the committees consist of politicians and religious leaders, appointed under his directive. He said these committees should focus on the religious conflicts at district levels.

The President stated that the Inter Religious Council should meet at least once a month. He said that the recommendations of this meeting will be presented to next Cabinet meeting.

“Everybody has the responsibility to act impartially when the national and religious conflicts arise. The expectation of everybody should be a peaceful country where the people of all races and religions can live happily”, the President said.

Religious leaders of all religions, Ministers and government officers joined this meeting.

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