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Bus Priority Lane from today

BusrootThe first phase of the Bus Priority Lane will be implemented from today (15th Aug.) in Colombo suburbs.


Accordingly, today, the program will be implemented from Moratuwa, Kurusa Junction up to Katubedda and from Savoy Cinema to Bambalapitiya Junction.

On 22nd August
, it will be from Katubedda Junction up to Maliban Junction and Bambalapitiya Junction to Pittala Junction.

On 29th August, it will be implemented from Polduwa Junction (Diyatha Uyana) up to Ayurveda Junction and from Town Hall to Thummulla Junction.

On 5th September, it will be implemented from Technical Junction, Maradana up to Slave Island (Maradana, Pettah, Fort, and Slave Island).

From 12th September, it will be implemented from Slave Island to Pettah (Slave Island, Fort, Pettah).

From 30th November, it will be implemented from Borella up to Maradana.

Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development requests vehicles except for public buses, office/school service vehicles to use other lanes from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., when the bus priority lane is in effect.

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