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100,000 land deeds to Mahaweli settlers

pmd banner new2017President Maithripala Sirisena will hand over 10,000 title deeds for land to the Mahaweli farming community in Kotmale and Victoria Mahaweli Zones at the Central Province Stadium in Digana today (August 18). This is the national program to distribute 100,000 deeds to Mahaweli farmers in several phases.

The presentation of title deeds to farming communities in the Walawa and Mahaweli ‘H’ zones under the National Program to offer 10,000 title deeds to Mahaweli settlers was held two weeks ago under the patronage of the President.

Speaking at a ceremony to hand over 5000 deeds of lands to the farmers in Walawe Zone) at Gam Udava Playground, Embilipitiya last week the President said, “the current government always takes policy decisions for the betterment of the people.” He added that the government expects to implement a new program in the agricultural sector to strengthen the economy of the farmers as well as the national economy through increasing the foreign market for local vegetables and fruits.

He said the government has planned a program to attract the young generation to the agriculture through modernizing the agricultural sector.

Commenting on ensuring people’s rights to own land, the President said the government officers have the responsibility to do these works without any delay, irrespective of the politics or political parties. He recalled that mega conflicts in the history were based on the right to lands. He said the government is performing to fulfill its responsibility to give all Sri Lankans a right to own land.

Addressing the gathering after symbolically handing over 5000 deeds to residents of Mahaweli colonies under the national program to hand over 100,000 land deeds to the landless, the President stated that he would inspect the development work of Mahaweli farm lands separately. He said he would make observation visits to those areas from January next year.

Identifying the land issues pertaining to the areas belongs to Mahaweli Authority as well as handing over land deeds to landless families were discussed in detail at a meeting at the Mahaweli Ministry chaired by President Sirisena. The attention was also drawn to expedite the development works of the Weli Oya area of the Mahaweli Zone B and to begin the resettlement process of the farming community in the Mahaweli Zone D at the Bisopura new development zone in Medirigiriya.

The President pointed out that the officials should be more committed to achieving the targets while executing their duties efficiently and skillfully in the fields of Mahaweli, environment and forest conservations.

The Agriculture Development Ministry with the collaboration of several other ministries has arranged to donate over one hundred thousand plots of lands to the landless people in Mahaweli zones.

Plantation Industry Ministry, Estate Infrastructure and Livestock Ministry and Agriculture Irrigation, Mahaweli and Rajarata Development Ministry are the other Ministries to work with the Agriculture Development Ministry and lands have been arranged for residences and plantation purposes.

The Department of the Land Commissioner had already identified around 60,000 plots of lands from all over the Island and 20,920 plots only from the Mahaweli zones. The President looks into the progress of the drug prevention and kidney disease prevention programs held in the Mahaweli area.

The President advised relevant officials to provide speedy solutions to the matters relating to the schools in the area also he inquired about the progress of the programs implemented to develop the facilities in the area.

This is the first time such a large number of title deeds are to be awarded, providing a lasting solution to a prolonged issue faced by Mahaweli settlers. earlier, 5,000 title deeds were presented to settlers in the Walawe zone at the Embilipitiya Gam Udawa Grounds, and another batch of 5,000 title deeds were presented to the farming community in the Mahaweli ‘H’ zone today at the Talawa Pradeshiya Sabha Grounds. The program was formulated under a directive by President Sirisena, with the objective of recognising every citizen’s right to own land or home. The President’s Media Division said this will give Mahaweli settlers an opportunity to prosper their lives.

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