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Mock War Game preceding 'Ex-Cormorant Strike' held

Mock War Game preceding Ex Cormorant 2017 8 19A preceding War Game of the forthcoming 'Exercise Cormorant Strike VIII- 2017' was conducted on 10th and 11th (August) at the 4 Special Forces Battalion Headquarters in Monkey Bridge in Trincomalee.

According to Army media, the War Game was conducted with the purpose of acquainting participating officers with the most effective tools of determining the feasibility, suitability and acceptability of a selected course of action, developed systematically to encounter any given situation and to train officers for planning, conduct, techniques and methodologies before the actual setting of the Exercise gets underway.

During the War Game, troops of the Commando and Special Force Brigade acted as own forces while the Air Mobile Brigade troops acted as the opponents. Around 60 officers, including seven Navy and five AirForce officerss, participated in the game.

Senior security forces officers were present to observe the proceedings.

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