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Dry rations to farmers in drought affected areas under President’s directive

peoples2017 8 22The program which was implemented under the directive of President Maithripala Sirisena to provide dry rations to the farmers in drought affected areas is now being operated.

The packs of dry rations consists flour, dhal, sugar, gram, canned fish and other food items are being distributed under this program in 13 districts in the island.

The dry rations are issued by the district and provincial secretaries, and delivered among the selected farmers through corporative unions.

President Sirisena visited Kebithigollewa on the 30th of July to find out the issues faced by the farmers in drought affected areas. He noticed those farmers are facing financial difficulties as they have been unable to harvest three seasons due to drought. He directed the officials to provide these dry rations to the farmers.

Providing of drinking water to the areas affected by drought is also carried out in a proper way. Officers of Tri Forces have been deployed to assist the district secretaries and provincial secretaries to perform this task. Accordingly, the drinking water project fulfills the needs of 250,000 people of the divisional secretariats of twenty drought affected districts.

Meanwhile, a discussion to further formalize these activities was held today (Aug.21) at the Presidential Secretariat. It was presided over by Secretary to the President Austin Fernando.

Representatives of the Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Disaster Management, Ministry of Town planning and Water Resources, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Finance participated in this discussion.  

The discussion was also focused on providing the drinking water facility for the affected people during the night time, in addition to day time supplies. It was also discussed in detail obtaining obtaining new water bowsers.

Similarly, the attention was drawn regarding implementing a method to provide water for the other needs of the affected people as well as regarding providing water for the wildlife and a decision was taken to carry out those works continuously.

Meanwhile, under the first phase of the programme to distribute dry food rations to the families affected by drought  in the in Sravasthipura, Anuradhapura District, dry rations were distributed among 1,000 families at the premises of the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society in Sravasthipura, yesterday (21).

4,500 families were qualified for this programme. Dry food rations will be issued shortly for the remaining families too.

Dry food rations were issued this morning at the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society in the city of Anuradhapura.

Through the Cooperative Society dry ration will be  distributed among the affected farming community in the Nuwaragam Palatha in the Eastern Province. Currently, dry rations  were distributed among 3,000 families out of the qualified 4,616 families. 

The affected people expressed their gratitude to the President for providing these relief at a time when they are faced with a severe economic crisis due to the damage caused to their agricultural lands due to the drought.

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