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Steps to develop cinema and teledrama industry

cinemaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has given instructions to appoint a Committee to take steps for the progress of the cinema and the teledrama industry, comprising of representatives from all the sectors of the cinema and the teledrama industries
He has given these instructions during a meeting with the representatives of the Expert Committee on Artistic Affairs, held at the President’s Official Residence, on 1st November.
This is the third phase of the series of discussions to obtain the views of the intellectuals regarding artistic affairs including literature, stage drama, television drama, cinema, radio channels and dance.
It was discussed in detail regarding the issues faced by the relevant sectors as well as regarding the solutions that should be taken to solve those issues.
President Sirisena instructed the Chairman of the National Film Corporation to appoint the Committee to look into future steps that should be taken to develop the industry and Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna was given the responsibility of appointing a Committee regarding the progress of the teledrama industry.
The attention was also drawn to appoint a Committee to establish Media Force with the consent of all the parties.
It was decided to meet this Committee twice a week and to prepare the reports of all these Committees speedily.

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