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Good response for Army General Amnesty

army amnestyThe General Amnesty extended for Army deserters has received good response with 5,412 Army absentees reporting to their respective Regimental Headquarters seeking legal discharge.
According to a Media Communiqué issued by the Sri Lanka Army, yesterday (6th Nov.), six Officers, six Officer Cadets and 5,400 Other Ranks of the Army, considered as Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) have sought legal discharge during the past fortnight after the General Amnesty period came into effect on 23rd October (2017).The General Amnesty was announced to coincide with the Sri Lanka Army's 68th Anniversary. It will end on the 15th November.
During the last General Amnesty offered to tri forces deserters, which was in effect from December 01st to 31st (2016), 8,877 absentees, including 34 Officers and 8,843 Other Rank personnel had reported to their respective services seeking legal discharge.

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