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A national policy on child protection soon

Natasha Baleendren Child Athou3Child protection has been identified as special subject and a field that needs special attention, Ms. Natasha Balendra, Chairperson of National Child Protection Authority said to the website of the Department of Government Information.

Hence, a national policy that goes beyond the current outdated framework will be prepared soon and it will be drafted at the end of this year and it is believed that it would be able to be presented to the Cabinet of Ministers within the first quarter of next year, she added.

Child protection will be hence identified as a special profession, segment and by identifying responsibilities and tasks of all relevant institutions this will be expanded as a single subject.

Accordingly, decentralizing of powers to relevant sectors will be facilitated and required training opportunities are under focus. In addition she pointed out that the telephone number 1929 for prevention of child abuses has been further empowered and the Police Division attached to the Child Protection Authority takes swift actions regarding the received complaints with the assistance of the Police Station in the area where the child abuse took place.

In case of non-criminal matters, they will be directed to relevant sections such as Divisional Secretariat, Labour Offices, or Ministry of Education. In the past discussions on child abuse was focused on solutions to such abuses, but today it has changed and more attention is paid on prevention of child abuses.

She added that steps have been taken to conduct awareness programmes in school level, and for parents and communities through community programmes.

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