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2030 sustainable vision not a political agenda- President

HE picThe Specialist Committee, appointed to draft the national policy on sustainable vision called on President Maithripala Sirisena, on January 16 at the President’s Official Residence.
During the meeting, it was discussed in detail regarding the steps taken by Sri Lanka to achieve 2030 sustainable development goals as well as about the initial steps that should be taken to free the country from poverty. The President also pointed out that the 2030 sustainable vision concept is not a political agenda and it is a broad program which is being implemented for the betterment of the public irrespective of party politics.

The President also said that the year 2017 should be a decisive year for the country and for that it is necessary to understand the priorities and make the strategies according to proper methods.

The Committee which consists of experts in different fields presented ideas and suggestions regarding the implementation of the national policy on sustainable vision in close association with national plans. The process of the sustainable development is model unique to Sri Lanka and it also contains a proper review system.

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