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President urges Sri Lankan expatriates no to be misled by propaganda of political opponents

He news 20170307President Maithripala Sirisena requested all Sri Lankan expatriates not to be misled by false propaganda on the government carried out by political opponents through some websites and media.

The President was speaking to the Sri Lankans living in Indonesia today (March 6) at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Indonesia.The President emphasized that Sri Lanka will be built as a developed country while safeguarding the freedom and the independence.

“The program of the current government is to build brotherhood and coexistence among the people to avoid another war in the future by establishing permanent peace. The government’s program has been accepted by whole world.

The development of program of the country will be expedited with the help of all those countries”, he said.President Sirisena recalled that this is the moment when a Sri Lankan leader was invited for an official visit to Indonesia after 40 years. “I will make another official visit to Russia in two weeks, accepting their invitation for a Sri Lankan leader after 44 years.

The President commended the assistance given by the government of Indonesia, and gratefully mentioned about the donation of 5000 metric tons of rice for the people in the drought affected areas.A Na sapling was planted in the premises of the Embassy to mark the President’s visit.

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