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The eve of the lives of artistes would not be left to become tragedies – President

He news 2017 04 05 3President Maithripala Sirisena says that the government will properly fulfill its duties and responsibilities and would not allow the eve of the lives of artistes, who entertained the eager hearts of thousands of fans, be left to become tragedies.
The president said this while addressing a ceremony held at the President’s House in Colombo where a donation of Rs. 25 million was made for the Insurance Trust for Singers of Sri Lanka.

The President said it is necessary to bestow the value and respect upon artistes who entertained a nation through their talent. He said it is essential to look after the wellbeing of them and the current government is taking all necessary actions in this regard.

While stating that art, literature and music has no politics, the President declared that he respects all artistes of this country just as artistes, irrespective of the fact that he stands on a political stage.

The President, recalling how he took steps to make contributions to assist artistes during their illnesses or to their families during the death of an artiste and assured that he would continue to provide such services in the future too.

President Sirisena pointed out the immense service that artistes could contribute towards the future development of the country, and expressed his hope that they would come forward to perform that duty.

The President handed over the respective cheques to the President of the Singers’ Association of Sri Lanka, Mr. Keerthi Pasquel, the secretary Janaka Wickramasinghe and other members of the Association.

Addressing the gathering the Secretary Janaka Wickramasinghe said that this is the first occasion of such a program being conducted by a Head of State towards the wellbeing of singers.

Except for voluntary incidents, the current President has not forced any artiste into politics, said Mr. Janaka Wickramasinghe, and expressed his gratitude towards the President for the donation made on behalf of all artistes despite the political differences.

The President also participated to enjoy a few performances of several singers.  

A large number of singers joined the occasion, including the popular singers Latha Walpola and Dayarathna Ranathunga.

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