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Navy’s Community Service Project completes one year

navy 2016.12.22The Navy’s Research and Development Unit being the innovative hand of the Sri Lanka Navy performed an excellent service over the years.
Upon the directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne and under the leadership of Captain Priyankara Dissanayake the Navy initiated several new projects to address the social issues found among the civilian population, with a new dimension. As a result, the Research and Development Unit of the Navy first launched a noble cause of installing Reverse Osmosis plants in the villages of Poonewa and Kadawathrambewa on 22nd December 2015 and this magnanimous effort completes one  year yesterday (22).

The visionary concept of Commander of the Navy, initially expected to set up 50 RO systems by the end of year 2016. However due to the untiring commitment and efforts of the Navy’s Research and Development Unit they managed to set up 71 systems in areas which are prone to renal disease. As such, over 33,000 families and 25,000 school children are facilitated with safe drinking water free of charge as of today. The financial provisions needed for the installation of RO plants are drawn from the contribution of Rs. 75/= made willingly by naval personnel.

The contributions of naval personnel are pooled into the Naval Social Responsibility Fund with the noble intention of utilizing them for community service projects. Moreover this effort has turned out to be a national cause as the Presidential Task Force on Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease has also joined hand with the Navy by providing necessary funds for the installation of RO systems across the country. 

Over 22,000 persons succumbed to Chronic Kidney Disease found in agricultural communities and nearly another 25,000 people are down with this plight as of now. However, recent records depict positive signs as the number of hospital admissions and related symptoms of kidney disease have reached a significant low figure in areas where the Navy had installed Reverse Osmosis plants. Setting up RO plants alone is not sufficient to address this grave problem but maintenance of them is also an integral part of the whole process. Having understood the requirement, the Research and Development Unit have deployed maintenance teams in order to supply uninterrupted safe drinking water for the general public. 

Further, the Navy is determined to continue this noble task being an example to other departments and institutions of the country as well. Moreover, as per the Corporate Social Responsibility ratings the installation project of RO plants has topped in the Social Responsibility ranking charts. Besides, this magnanimous effort of the Navy will immensely pave the way to eradicate the renal disease from Sri Lanka.

“Children always consume safe drinking water and bring home a bottle of safe drinking water from the Reverse Osmosis plant installed at your school, for your parents.” - Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne.

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